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-Contraceptive Methods – Pros and

With the term "contraception" we refer to the use of practices, devices or medication in order to prevent or reduce the possibility of pregnancy. The contraceptive methods are often used as a means of family planning.


-Ejaculation | A Phenomenon that Troubles Modern

With the term "premature ejaculation" we refer to the lack of the man's ability to control his own ejaculation, which results in sexual climax (orgasm) occurring involuntarily, with minimum sexual stimulation, before, during or almost immediately after penetration, and before he wishes it.


-The Benefits of Water – Urinary Tract Infections & Urinary System

The consumption of water is beneficiary and helps in the good and normal function of the natural filters of our organism, the kidneys.


-Physical Exercise: "Health & Sex Life"

Physical exercise not only improves appearance but also body functions. Those in good physical condition have better stamina, better muscular tone and cardiovascular system and improved vascular and blood circulation.


-Dyspareunia | Why do I feel pain during sexual intercourse?

Dyspareunia is defined as "a pathological condition in which sexual intercourse is painful or difficult for the woman, due to psychological problems (depression, performance anxiety), physical causes (vascular, neurogenic, hormonal, chronic diseases, use of medical substances, infections, undercurrent malignant conditions of the lower urogenital system) or advanced age". This means that the woman has continuous or intense pain in the genital organs during or after sexual intercourse.


-Phimosis and How It Is

Phimosis is a condition in which the glans penis cannot be revealed due to preputial stenosis (stenosis or narrowness of the foreskin) that prevents retraction.


-The Body as a Mirror of Mind and

In the recent years, more and more we hear the term psychosomatic diseases or psychosomatic syndrome etc. With this term we refer to conditions of general pathology which are caused by conscious or unconscious psychological factors and concern all medical fields.


-Condoms Sexual Intercourse, Protection and

The condom has a dual use: it acts as a contraceptive measure and provides protection from sexually transmitted diseases, enabling us to enjoy sexual intercourse safely.


-Nocturnal Emissions – "Wet dreams"

With the term "nocturnal emission" we refer to the sexual arousal of a person during sleep, which most of the times is accompanied with sexual dreams. In case of men there is ejaculation during sleep, while in women there is an increase of vaginal secretions.


-Microphallus (Micropenis) and How It Is

One of the major factors that creates problems in the sexual life and self esteem of a man is the size of his penis, many times affecting his family and social environment and creating serious psychological disorders, even impotence.


-Morality and Virginal

It is widely believed that a woman loses her virginity when a penis enters her vagina and the virginal hymen is rupture. However, for the most part, being a virgin is not about whether a woman's hymen is intact or broken.


-Sexual Fidelity or Infidelity?

Research has shown that 32% of men and 19% of women have or would like to have affairs outside their marriage. Infidelity occurs in approximately 70% of the couples, and when exposed, it is painful for both partners and disrupts the main element of the relationship: mutual trust.


-Injuries of the External Genital Organs

Usually, injuries in the external genital organs occur during games, sports activities (bike riding, football etc,), sexual activity, road accidents, industrial accidents, new fashion trends such as piercing etc.


-Tips & Tricks for a Healthy Love

All of us, men and women, want to love and be loved. We want to experience a healthy relationship, either with a “happy” or a “not-so-happy” ending.


-HPV and Malignancy in

ΗPV (Human Papilloma virus) is a highly widespread sexually transmitted virus, which many people consider synonymous to “warts” (or condylomata), a type of HPV. In essence, we use the term to describe bulges-lumps that are observed on or around the genital organs or the perianal area or the urethra in men and women and vary in size.


-Masturbation: A Misunderstood and Abused

With the term masturbation we refer to the self-arousal of our own genital organs aiming to reaching an orgasm and the self-satisfaction of our libido and sexual pleasure, without having sexual intercourse with another person.


-When the Body Speaks to the Soul - Prevention and Treatment of Psychosomatic Conditions

The two-way influence between the body and the “psyche” is most acceptable to the point that today it is considered as its normal collapse and disease if the soul is sick and suffering.


-The Last Temptation in the Kingdom of the

The term “sexual harassment” is an elegant description of the widespread, in the circle of priest, pederasty, a phenomenon observed mostly in the Catholic Church. Many are the clergymen who have been accused of and stood trial for juvenile rape.


-Hermaphroditism, Pseudohermaphroditism, Intersexuality | MYTHS AND REALITY | Disorders of Sex Development & Congenital Adrenal

In Antiquity (Greco-Roman) art, Hermaphroditus appears naked or partly dressed, having either the body of an adolescent boy with female breasts and male genitalia, or with a lissome, beautiful and delicate body and male genitalia.


-Yesterday's Pornography | Today's Pornography &

The British scholar, sociology and women studies professor Gail Dines explains that there is nothing innocent in pornography, which is the common secret of all men, who try to exorcise it with guilty jokes and which, even worse, as we realize from daily news, with the help of the Internet every day becomes even more hardcore and more humiliating.


-Homosexuality | Definition - Approach -

As homosexuality is defined the sexual attraction or/and sexual intercourse between people of the same sex. The term homosexuality is newer, a scholar translation loan.


-Men & "Electromagnetic Radiation"

Partly the contradicting scientific studies, partly our convenience, we have ended up using non ionizing radiation emitting devices irrationally. The freedom wireless technology provides is significant, while the fact that we get rid of the annoying wires makes it even more popular. However, have we ever considered the effects that all this radiation to which we are exposed daily has on our health?


-Nocturnal Enuresis (Bedwetting) and Children | Ignorance, Taboo &

One of the most serious urinary tract disorders, and also the commonest disorder in childhood is "Nocturnal Enuresis". It is the involuntary urine loss in bed during the night, and we refer to persons of 3-4 years of age and older.


-Nutrition and Urological

Medical researches conducted in the last few years have proved that a significant factor for the occurrence of some urological conditions and disorders, especially in men, is their lifestyle and the everyday habits that they have adopted.


-Marriage and Sex

How many of us, after a few years of married life, can’t help but wonder where these moments of sexual desire and pleasure have gone, these moments when we could not get enough of each other and could not wait until we get together again with our mates?


-Women and Health Problems -

Female sexuality, which was until recently neglected by the scientific community, is today a significant field of research. The sexuality of women is much more complex than that of men. A significant role in the creation of sexual problems in women during their sexual life is the attitude and behavior of her sexual partner.


-How can we protect our children and adolescents?

In this passage we will address and analyze the urological problems and congenital anomalies diagnosed to children from their infancy and childhood up to adolescence.


-Adolescence and

Adolescence can be defined as a transitional stage between childhood and adulthood. Most people describe adolescence as the most difficult, critical and complicated period of life. It is characterized by major hormonal, biological, physical and emotional changes.


-Robotic Surgery &

Urology is the medical specialty that uses robotic or laparoscopic-assisted surgery more than any other specialty. However, the necessary studies that compare the results of older surgical techniques and the new surgical methods have not been conducted yet.


-Men and Hormonal Changes – Andropause &

Modern and active men expect to stay active and masculine even in advanced age. Aroundpuberty, the most important male hormone, testosterone, reaches adult levels. Theagingprocess, however, is normal and irreversible.


-Women | Sexual Intercourse – Sexual Dysfunctions -

Modern woman wants, desires, claims. She claims her position in society, for equal treatment and civil rights, her professional acknowledgement and recognition. She also demands respect as well as satisfaction of her sexuality.


-Sleep Disorders & Urological

Insomnia is one of the commonest disorders of human organism affecting approximately one third of the general population, while it is more commonly observed with women. Disturbed sleep causes significant day fatigue and has a negative effect on the person’s energy and productivity.



It is common knowledge that addictions are both physical and psychological, a fact that makes rehabilitation even more difficult.



The greatest mystery is what’s closest to us. Psychology and other social sciences consider sexuality as the most decisive and crucial factor for the formation and development of human psychism.


-When our sex life fills us with stress and

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is defined as the systematic or continuous (lasting at least 6 months) inability of man to achieve or maintain sufficient erection in order to proceed with sexual intercourse.


-The usefulness of regular check up in

Men, as opposed to women, do not see their doctor regularly for the check-up of their genital organs and reproduction system. As specialists explain, men have the tendency to see an andrologist solely on occurrence of a specific disorder.