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3rd Age Conditions

  • The consolidated beliefs and the attitude of our society towards the members of the 3rd age are the factors that have lead to a distorted image of the needs and lifestyle of these people. It is a fact that in persons over 50-55 years of age, and regardless of sex, there is a series of normal changes in their organisms, which result to a decrease of and a change in their activities.
    Andropause for men and Menopause for women respectively, are two of the inevitable 3rd age conditions (syndromes).

    • •Andropause

    With this term we refer to the decline and suspension of androgen hormones, and mainly of testosterone levels. The symptoms that may occur are:

    1. -Reduced Libido
    2. -Erectile dysfunction
    3. -Decreased strength of orgasm
    4. -Difficulty in reaching orgasm
    5. -Sleep disorders
    6. -Psychological or mental disorders
    7. -Erythropoiesis decrease
    8. -Decreased muscle tone and strength
    9. -Decreased bone density
    10. -Decreased mental capabilities
    11. -Decreased immunological readiness
    12. -Increase of fat tissue

    As opposed to women, men do not lose their reproductive capability. Although reduced, men’s reproductive capability remains and is one of the main causes of sexual disorders in men.

    • •Menopause

    It is the decline and suspension of estrogens production and marks the end of reproductive period. The result of the hormonal changes is dryness and atrophy of the vagina. There is pain during sexual intercourse and this is one of the main causes of sexual dysfunctions in women. Despite the fact that the vagina loses its elasticity, the ability to reach orgasm remains.

    Other conditions of the 3rd age that can be the cause of sexual dysfunctions are:

    • >Diabetes
    • >High blood pressure
    • >Metabolic syndrome Μεταβολικό σύνδρομο
    • >Cardiovascular diseases Καρδιαγγειακά νοσήματα
    • >Atherosclerosis
    • >Obesity
    • >Mental disorders

    Also the use of certain medications used for the above conditions can cause sexual dysfunction to the patients.